A new 2W low power amp design

I have just finished prototyping a new 2W Valve Heaven amp design called the “Lamington Junior”. I’m pretty pleased with it, as the design has been a long time in development. The design brief was for a low power amp that delivered a significant amount of clean, “chimey” headroom and also a great overdrive tone which is what it delivers! What is especially cool is that it runs from a 12V AC plugpack, so a newcomer to amp building can do so with no contact at all with the 240V mains making it a safer amp to build.

I am currently building a second prototype which will be easier to construct. I’ll soon have the design details including schematics available here at valveheaven.com. Soon to come will be construction manuals and kits for prospective builders.

Watch this space 😉

***UPDATE*** 13/1/2015  

Well, as promised, I have now posted the full design details and schematic diagram for the Lamington Junior here. I am very pleased with this amp, and it has now become a favourite here to play through at home, and I feel sure it will become as successful as its big brother, the Lamington 🙂

I will be making full kits and a construction manual for this amplifier available early Feb 2015 for $195 plus post for the DIY kit and $49 plus post for the DIY manual. Kits and the construction manual are now available.

***UPDATE*** 16/2/15

Several Lamington Junior kits have now been purchased with the builders very happy with their new amp. I just received this email from a customer who had never constructed an electronic project before:

Hi Grant,  I finally got it working (1k8 was in the wrong spot), all good. Thanks for your help, I will play with this one for a while and then i will try the Lamington 15w. Since I have no previous electronic experience I found the whole kit very easy to follow as a beginner. Thanks again!

11 thoughts on “A new 2W low power amp design”

  1. Hi
    I love the idea of building one of your kits.
    Please send cost and info details as soon as available.
    Please include options on speaker size and impedance values.
    Ian Hislop

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your feedback. The kit for the Lamington Junior should be available in mid January 2015 for $195 plus post including a construction manual and email support.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Great to hear from you. The Lamington Junior is a development of my TV Special amp but it has a lot more clean headroom while still retaining a great overdrive tone. It also uses a different power supply making it an easier and safer first build for a beginner to amp building. I am really pleased with it and hope to have the design up here within the next few weeks. Cheers!

  2. Hi Grant
    Looking forward to hearing more about the Lamington Junior. I have built a TV Special amp, so I am interested to see how the Lamington Junior differs in design and how it sounds in comparison.

  3. Hi i’ve finally found Valve Heaven!
    Am interested in the Lamington Jr. and poised to purchase- just wondering if you have a direct recording out solution or if it can feed out into a cab. sim DI box
    Also can this and any of the Lamington’s be modified with more tonal controls, gain, reverb tank, FX loop etc

    many thanks Neil

  4. Hi Neil, Thanks for your comments! Yes, I plan to make a low cost add on kit for a direct recording out option to add even further versatility to this great little amp. With regards to more options for the Lamington amps, I decided early on to design amps that were “universal” and no frills so that builders would have a simple amp to build. Effects can be added ahead of the amp so that you can use your favourite pedal! Cheers!

  5. Hi Grant, Have you had any trouble with the Output transformer on this amp? I used the M1112 which stopped working due to shorted primary windings. I used a power transformer with 200V AC secondaries which brought the HT up to about 305V. I have since replaced the M1112 and used a 2.2K dropping resistor on the HT which brings it down to around 265V. I believe this is similar to what you get with your plug pack power supply. I’m hoping it will be okay this time. Your comments would be appreciated.

    1. Hi James, no I have not had any issues with the M1112. Perhaps your experience was due to the higher HT?

  6. Hi,
    I’m very close to buying your lamington junior kit , having umm’ed and aah’d at offerings from UK based Ampmaker. com and US Tubedepot.com.

    Just wondering about the design, is it based on the Fender Champ?

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