Some feedback from a recent Lamington builder

I continue to receive very favourable feedback from builders of Lamington amps as to how happy they are with how the amp sounds. To some degree, this is a little surprising, as the Lamington amp was developed to be a low cost introduction to valve guitar amp building and not necessarily to be a tone monster. That it sounds so good is a real bonus, and makes it doubly worth building.

This email is typical of responses I receive:

Hi Grant,

Just wanted to let you know that we fired up the lamington last night, and….

 …it was amazing!

 I was truly taken with how great it sounded. We ran it through my 4×12 with celestion vintage 30’s and it was really great. The tone is excellent and I was loving how responsive to touch it was. It seemed nice and clean with gentle playing, and then you dig in a bit and it rips your head off… Seems at first play like it has great cleans (with the right amount of chime) and great bluesy overdrive. 

I think you are really onto something with the lamington, which of course you knew! (I’m not sure I did!)

 Any plans for other amps…? (Yes, the Lamington III design is now released)

Thanks again for all your help with this – it’s truly one of the best amps I think I’ve played.

Kind regards,



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