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I am passionate about valve amp design and for numbers of years have been providing musicians with a range of DIY guitar amp kits and designs. “The Lamington”, the very well received 18W design is available here, and it is available as a kit of parts and a comprehensive build manual. It has been joined by the 2W  Lamington Junior and recently the 10W Lamington Lite amp designs available as diy kits as well as Construction manuals.

I have had a love for electronics since my childhood. My career began over thirty years ago working as an electronics technician for the University of South Australia. During this time I began a part time business designing, building and repairing guitar amps and PA systems for numbers of local bands. Subsequently, I established a full-time electronics service business repairing amps and music gear for the Adelaide music industry, gaining extensive experience with a broad range of amps and music technology valve and solid state.

This experience has given me a deep knowledge of all aspects of electronics from theory, design, component selection, ability to source components world-wide to extensive practical experience with amp repairs.

In addition to an ongoing passion for electronics, I have played guitar and bass in numbers of bands over the years. This has provided the unique opportunity to see music technology from the perspective of a designer/repairer and as a working musician. I understand that an amp is an indispensable part of your sound. Having the “right” tone is vital to expressing yourself musically.

For many years, Valve Heaven provided an amp repair service to the music industry in Sydney. Following my relocation to the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia, I am focussed on amp design and producing kits and training resources for those wanting to learn more about this fascinating field. There is nothing quite like listening for the first time to something that you have built with your own hands!

Grant Wills, Valve Heaven