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Build your own valve guitar amplifier!

What's included with amp kitBuild your own great sounding valve guitar amp!  Even if you have had no prior experience in electronic construction, we provide a range of options for amp building – from the beginner to those more experienced. Newcomers to amp building can join us at Amp School for personal tuition as they build their own amp. We also make a range of amp kits and construction manuals available for more experienced builders. Build your finished amp chassis into a head and add a speaker of your choosing.  At Amp School or by purchasing any of our great value amp kits, you get to learn all about valve amplifiers and gain a huge sense of satisfaction as you build your own valve guitar amplifier!

The Lamington amplifier kit

Lamington topThe Lamington amplifier is where it all started. With 18W of power and a versatile preamplifier, it sounds reminiscent of vintage British amps. The Lamington amp provides a range of tones from warm, chimey cleans to overdriven crunch and fat lead tones, perfect for intimate gigs. Hundreds of these amplifiers have been built across Australia with builders highly regarding their tone.  For full details on the Lamington amp kit go HERE

The Lamington Junior amp kit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Lamington Junior amp kit is a 2W amp with creamy cleans and a great overdrive tone, it is powered by a 12V plugpack making it a very safe introduction to valve amp building. This amp is a favourite here to deliver great tone at manageable volume – ideal for home or recording. For full details on the Lamington Junior amp go HERE

The Lamington Lite amplifier kit

The Lamington Lite is the amp we build at Amp School. It is an easier to build amp with 10W of power and a simpler power supply and preamp. While it is a simpler amp, it lacks nothing in the tone department and has received great reviews for its tone, from chimey cleans to great overdrive tones. For full details on the Lamington Lite amp kit go HERE

Go here for tone reviews of the Lamington amplifiers:

 Short form kits

For those who wish to fabricate their own chassis for their Lamington Amp build, we provide “short form” kits. These kits provide all the parts contained in the full kits without the punched chassis at lower cost. For full details see Short Form Kits.

 Construction Manuals

Cover of construction manualThe Lamington Amp Kits include all the parts necessary to build your own valve guitar amp. For those with more electronics experience and the ability to source the parts for their Lamington amp themselves, we provide a comprehensive Lamington Construction Manual  for each amp with step by step instructions.

Valve Heaven Amp School

Build your amp with mentor support and learn about valve amps!

Student at Amp School

This weekend training school is designed with the beginner in amp building in mind and provides you with “hands on” supervision and a deeper understanding of valve theory as you construct your own  Lamington Lite valve guitar amplifier head.

Valve Heaven Amp Schools are held in Sydney, NSW and the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

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Amp Designs

Lamington top

The 18W valve guitar amplifier design by Valve Heaven produces big warm cleans and a huge overdrive tone.  The Lamington Amp design has been available as a resource on this site since 2008.

The Lamington amp family has grown to include the Lamington Junior, a 2W lower power DIY design and the Lamington Lite, a new easy to build 10W amp. Construction details for all of the designs including schematics are available as a  resource here.

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