DIY amp designs

I am passionate about valve amp design. Numbers of years ago I developed “The Lamington” guitar amp as a low cost introduction to valve guitar amplifiers for the newcomer to amp building. Now, literally hundreds of these amplifiers have been constructed by builders across Australia and overseas with very favourable reports on how great they sound.

The original 18W Lamington amp design can be found here

After the success of the original Lamington amp, other higher powered designs followed, with the Lamington III recently made available as a design and in kit form. The Lamington III is a powerful 40W design with heaps of clean headroom.

Full details for the Lamington III can be found here

The Lamington Junior adds a new dimension to the Lamington amp designs, offering an easily built 2W design that is ideal for a newcomer to amp building.

Full details for the Lamington Junior can be found here

The Lamington Lite is a new easy to build 10W amp design. It simplifies the Lamington 18W design while maintaining great tone.

Full details for the Lamington Lite can be found here