The Lamington Junior amp kit

Build your own valve guitar amplifier with our 2W Lamington Junior Amp Kit$249 + postage (includes $49 construction manual).


The Lamington Junior

The Lamington Junior amp is the ideal way for you to get into amp building. A 2W amp with creamy cleans and a great overdrive tone, it is powered by a 12V plugpack making it a safer introduction to valve amp building. This amp is a favourite here to deliver great tone at manageable volume – ideal for home or recording. For reviews of the Lamington Junior amp go HERE

About the Kit

Amp building is a fantastic way for a guitarist to get in touch with the technology of valve amps. It deepens your understanding of tone and the inner workings of your amplifier. Plus, there is nothing like playing through an amplifier that you have built yourself!

The Lamington Junior Amp Kit includes everything necessary to build your own 2W valve guitar amp. It is ideal for the first time amp builder, with its 12V plugpack power eliminating contact with the 240V mains. Not to mention that it sounds great with creamy clean tones and a great overdrive tone! The kit includes a pre-drilled chassis so there is no metalwork required, and all the parts required to build your amp. Just supply some basic tools and you are on your way.

The kit also includes the very comprehensive Lamington Junior Construction Manual valued at $49 which provides “step by step” guidance and easy to follow instructions to build your amp.

Some great suggestions are also included with the kit to mod your amp to provide for more tone options.

What is included?

  1. A pre-punched, pre-drilled chassis
  2. All hardware including transformers, sockets, controls, switches etc
  3. All electronic components including selected valves
  4. Construction Manual including great modification ideas

What do I need to build my amp?

You simply need a few basic tools a soldering iron and solder, Philips screwdriver, pair of pliers and a pair of sidecutters.

The completed amplifier chassis can be mounted in a headshell or a combo cabinet (not included). Suggestions for completing your amp are included in the manual.

ORDER: The Lamington Junior Amp Kit $249 (+$20 Postage & Handling within Australia)