DIY amp kits

2W Lamington Junior  I  18W Lamington  I   10W Lamington Lite

Interested in building your own Valve Heaven Lamington valve guitar amp, but would appreciate having all of the parts brought together for you in a kit?

In addition, would you benefit from detailed step by step DIY instructions to assist you as you build your amp?

The Lamington Amp Kits include all the parts necessary to build your own Lamington valve guitar amp. Our bulk purchase of parts means that  it can be cheaper to buy the kit than to purchase all the parts at retail prices.

In addition, the kit comes with a punched chassis to save you the effort of metal bashing!

Your kit is supplied with the very comprehensive Lamington Construction Manual which provides step by step guidance as you build your amp.

Some feedback from Lamington kit builders:

“I’ve got to commend you on the kit and especially the instruction manual which is excellent. I know nothing about electronics and was totally dependent on the instructions and wiring diagram to build this amp. All components were correctly supplied too which was nice. You have done a remarkable job on this kit!”

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