The Lamington Lite

The Lamington Lite – a simplified 10W Lamington amp design with big, chimey cleans and a great overdrive tone.

kit of all parts, and a construction manual for the Lamington Lite are now available!

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Lamington Lite

The Lamington Lite is a new amp design that approaches the 15W output power of the original Lamington amp while simplifying the design making it even easier to build.

The Lamington Lite uses a simpler approach with less valves and transformers and produces great tone (clean and overdriven) which has been the hallmark of the original Lamington amp.  After quite some time in development,  this amp design has come together and I am very pleased with it. I’m calling it the “Lamington Lite” – a 10W amp design with simplified power supply, only three valves and two controls and a unique tone. It has a surprisingly big clean tone for a 10W amp, and when overdriven sounds like the big brother to the Lamington Junior amp.

Here is a Lamington Lite Testimonial:

“I knew I was going to enjoy the Lamington Junior but I also wanted something a little larger that I could use for small gatherings where a PA was not necessary, so I started a Lamington Lite build just as I was finishing off the Junior. Using the same point-to-point technique as Grant’s other designs this amp also worked off the bat and I have to say that it has become one of my all-time favorites.
It is simple to set up, the big clean tones are magical, and the overdriven sound is way too good for an amp that costs just a couple of hundred dollars to build. I bought a second set of tubes just in case, so if anyone has spare pair of Halogen transformers I want them !!

The thing I like most about this amp is the clean headroom which is crystal clear– it needs to be well up on the volume dial before it starts to break up so if you are looking for a great little amp that doesn’t cost a bomb this is the one to go for.”