DIY Construction manuals

Valve Heaven Construction manuals were designed to provide comprehensive and detailed instructions for more experienced builders of Valve Heaven amp designs. They are suitable for a person who has the resources and experience to source their own electronic components.

Each manual not only contains full construction instructions, but provides:

  • Introduction to the Lamington Amp design
  • Chassis drilling
  • Component selection
  • Parts list
  • Chassis drilling template
  • Safety guidelines
  • Step by step build notes
  • Layout diagrams
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Resistor Colour codes
  • Fault finding process
  • Some modification options

The original “Lamington” 18W construction manual provides detailed instructions that when followed, allow a more experienced builder to successfully build their own amplifier. Details can be found here

TheĀ  2W Lamington Junior amp also has a detailed construction manual available. Details can be found here

The Lamington Lite amp is the 10W amp we build at Amp School. It now has its construction manual here