The Lamington construction manual

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Purchase your own DIY Lamington Amp Construction Manual for just $49 + postage

About the Lamington Construction Manual

Interested in building The Lamington 18W valve guitar amp, but could use some detailed step by step instructions to assist you in the build process?

The Valve Heaven Lamington Construction Manual is ideal for the more experienced person who has the ability to source all components for amp building. It provides comprehensive DIY instructions for successfully building your own Lamington Amp.

What’s included?

Using the amp kit

  • Introduction to the Lamington Amp design
  • Chassis drilling
  • Component selection
  • Parts list
  • Chassis drilling template
  • Safety guidelines
  • Step by step build notes
  • Layout diagrams
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Resistor Colour codes
  • Fault finding process

In addition, the Construction Manual details numbers of optional modifications that can be made to your amp to give you even more tonal variation and versatility – they include a low power mod, tone stack mods, and valve substitution suggestions.

I know you will have a rewarding and instructive experience ahead!

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The Lamington Construction Manual (+ Postage & Handling within Australia*) $49 + $5 P&P

*For customers outside of Australia, please email for postage cost to your destination