A very cool amp design tool

For those who have not yet seen it, Duncan Munro has available a very cool amp design tool at his website:


The freeware Tone stack calculator program allows you to play with a range of virtual tone stack circuits – you can see several tone stack circuits from Fender, Marshall, Baxandall etc and adjust each “virtual” component to see how it changes the response of the tone stack.

Here is what it looks like:


I encourage anyone to download it and “plug in” your favourite tone stack and see visually how each component shapes the sound. I use TSC on a regular basis to check different tone stacks I am planning for different amp designs – recommended!

2 thoughts on “A very cool amp design tool”

  1. Hi, will you be publishing a collection of your designs as seen on TGGH? I’m thinking the Poor Man’s Plexi, the TV special, the Stack etc.


    1. Hi Jeff, yes the plan is to eventually publish all of my amp designs here. Keep a lookout for updates here on these and other new designs!

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