The Lamington III construction manual

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Construction Manual Lamington III

Interested in building The Lamington III high power 40W valve guitar amp and have some electronics experience, but could use some detailed step by step instructions to assist you in the build process?

The Lamington Construction Manual provides a tried and true pathway to amp building which has been proven over time by students who have built the original Lamington amp at the Valve Heaven Amp School.

The manual provides a comprehensive parts list and information on where to source the parts required.

What’s included?

  • Introduction to the Lamington Amp III design
  • Chassis drilling tips
  • Component selection
  • Parts list
  • Chassis drilling templateAmp layout 6N2P submini
  • Safety guidelines
  • Step by step build notes
  • Layout diagrams
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Resistor Colour codes
  • Fault finding process

In addition, the Construction Manual details numbers of optional modifications that can be made to your amp to give you even more tonal variation and versatility they include a presence boost, tone stack mods, and valve substitution suggestions.

Here is some feedback from a recent purchaser:

“My advice for other newer amp builders like myself – fork out the $50 to Grant for the construction manual. In there you have a step by step guide for every component conection to be made, and very helpful diagrams – the under chassis component layout alone was worth the $50 for the time it saves having to work it all out by yourself. I mean really, why re-invent the wheel. You don’t have to guess where to start, just follow Grant’s instructions and by the end of it, you should have a perfectly functioning awesome sounding valve amplifier. Well done Grant, your desire to share your wealth of knowledge with newbies like me, has enabled me to build something I’ll be proud of for many years to come – for that I am sincerely grateful – thank you Mr Wills.”

I know you will have a rewarding and instructive experience ahead!

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