VValve Heaven Amp School
A "hands on" school where you build your own valve guitar amplifier 
Training and hands on mentoring by Grant Wills

There is no shortage of information in books and the internet about  valve amplifiers, but this is no substitute for having a mentor who can give you hands on training in the skills involved in building valve technology. Interest in valve amplifiers continues to grow, but where do you go to get practical training in this fascinating field?

I am excited to introduce the Valve Heaven Amp School

We have a history at Valve Heaven of passing on years of experience in valve technology to the next generation.  This 2-day weekend training school is designed to provide you with comprehensive valve theory combined with skills mentoring as you construct your own 15W Lamington valve guitar amplifier head.

I have a passion to share the skills I have gained over many years as a technician designing, building and servicing valve amplifiers. I developed the weekend Valve Heaven Amp School to provide students with a great introduction to valve amplifier theory while they successfully build their own 15W Lamington valve guitar amp with mentor support. It’s hard to describe the look on a student’s face when they hear the amazing tone coming from an amplifier they have just constructed!

The course is centred around the construction of the Valve Heaven Lamington design – a 15W valve guitar amp which delivers warm cleans and a huge overdrive tone.  Students will receive a good grounding in basic valve theory, coupled with a fantastic shared learning experience as each person “learns by doing” during the construction of their own 15W valve amplifier.

Classes will be strictly limited in size to 10 students so that each student gets personal attention and learning is maximised.

Valve Heaven Amp 1

Amp Schools coming soon:

Sat 20/Sun 21 September 2014 

Sat 8/Sun 9 November 2014

Sat 6/Sun 7 December 2014

Valve Heaven Amp School 2

Valve Heaven Amp School 

Course details

Weekend Course Format:Saturday/Sunday, 9am - 5pm each day
Location:Amp School tours to most Australian capital cities. Click here for next Amp School dates/locations.
Cost:$500 includes tuition and Valve Heaven Lamington Amp Kit
Class Size:Limited to max 10 students per intake
Course Overview:Introduction to the Lamington Amp
Mounting the Hardware
Valve and Component Theory
Power Supply Theory
Constructing the Power Supply
Amplifier Theory
Constructing the Output Stage
Constructing the Pre-amplifier
Testing & any fault finding
Registration:To express your interest in specific Valve Heaven Amp School date(s) and location(s), please email me  and an application form and detailed course information for that intake will be sent to you.

If you would like to participate in an Amp School in a capital city location which is not currently scheduled on our website, please email us with your details.  Once we have a minimum cohort, we will contact all interested students to advise.

I hope you can join us for this unique opportunity!!

Grant Wills

Lamington top view